Ebike controller settings

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After awhile some people start to think that their electric bike is a bit slow. We will go through a few ways to get greatly increased e-bike speed. And also a few easier tricks you can pull from your sleeve to edge that top speed.

To truly get that extra power you feel is lacking you have to tinker a bit, and perhaps replace a few parts.

Depending on what kind of electric bike you have this can be easy or completely impossible. An electric bike consists of three main electrical components. The motor, the battery and the controller. To see if they are replaceable check how they are mounted to your bike. If you are sick of your old bike you can get a new one, there are good ebikes for less than dollarsor replace all the parts by buying a new conversion kit. There are three different types of motors for electric bikes.

ebike controller settings

Front hub, rear hub and a mid drive. Hub motors are built-in to the wheel while the mid drive is in the middle of the bike driving the chain through the bikes mechanical gears.

You can see how much electrical power a motor can handle in the wattage. By checking the numbers you can see if you have a too powerful motor for your battery and controller. So if your battery is getting old you might consider replacing it. The controller get power from the battery and channels the right amount of power to the motor.

In some bikes there is the possibility to remove the speed limit. There are also some easier changes you can make to your ebike to get a bit more speed without actually replacing any parts. To calculate the correct speed it has to know how big your wheel is how far you travel in one turn of your wheel.

Most probably you have a 26 inch wheel but since it probable is a generic LCD display produced for many different bikes you might be able to change this in the settings. A tuning device can be bought for many of the well-known brands of Electric bikes. Some require some tinkering, some are installed and removed in a matter of seconds. This is also one of those things that differs and needs to be looked in to in regards to your specific brand and model.

As stated in the previous battery section of this post, a battery looses its max output of voltages as the battery drains or gets older. Always charging your battery after every time you drive not only keeps your battery healthy but also gives you the maximum power. In a bicycle the principle is the same, tires that are pumped to the correct PSI or even a bit higher gets a minimal amount of friction to the ground.

Therefore it rolls better and makes it easier on the battery and motor to propel the bike forward. When the motor is under less strain you can get a little more speed out of it. Another thing ou might want to consider is changing to smoother tires. If you have mountain bike tires on but never rides off-road or on bike trails you get a unnecessary amount of friction. After a while your brakes might want to be tuned. The brake pads rests just millimeters from the tire or disc depending on what type of break you have.

Very often the brake pads gets adjusted by accident when riding. A hard brake, a fall, dropping the bike or someone bumping in to it can cause the break pads to move. Check so that the brake pads never touches the disc or tire when spinning freely in the air. If you feel it is hard to properly tune your brakes you can let a mechanic do it for you.

It is not that expensive. If you want to do it yourself there are a lot of guides on YouTube to assist you.

ebike controller settings

When sitting up straightly your body acts as a sailcatching the wind and slowing you down. I am sure you have noticed this during windy days.Forums New posts Search forums.

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Search forums. Log in. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Thread starter Duane Start date Jun 14, Duane New Member. I had Rad Power bikes upgrade my Rad Rover controller to the same version of firmware as my wife's bike. The preset speeds for each of the power levels on her bike was different than mine, making it hard to maintain speeds when we ride together. Unfortunately when the controller firmware was upgraded, instead of upgrading to my wife's version, it was upgraded to the latest version which is significantly different.

Instead of each power level being related to a speed, it's now related to a wattage. That means now my speed varies wildly based on if I'm going up or down a grade. I talked to several people at at Rad Power bikes and they all say they can't downgrade the firmware.

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I can't believe they can't, since as a software developer I've updated and downgraded lots of firmware, including on electric bikes. It's not that hard.

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You hook up the right software to the right ports and follow the instructions. My guess is they have other reasons. Pa1adin Member. Maybe that would help. Just a thought. Last edited: Jun 15, Can you just upgrade so both bikes have the newer programming?This is a high power 60 amp controller that is small and is affordable. Other vendors sell 40 amp controllers for way too much. Leave it to Luna to slash the price. We know the cyclone 60 amp controller is solid. Not only is this a plug in replacement for the Cyclone Kit, but also it can be used for any ebike brushless motor for those who familiar with wiring an ebike controller.

Many ebike motors that are rated for lower watts and may burn out on long hills if you pump watts through them for a long time. The video below shows how to connect an iOS device, connecting an Android device will be a similar process using the Andriod interface. Hi there I really want to buy one of these off you. Also wondering if you can get a screen to mount to handle bars speed distance remaining? Please email so we can arrange payment and postage. Thanks Jamie Ruki.

Plug and Play for the watt Cyclone Mid Drive. Works great on other motors once you figure out the hall sensor connector.

ebike controller settings

Display configuration options would be nice for the app. I really like the power increase but it might be a little too much Anyway it is a good investment! The iPhone app is called Emotor, you can download it and have a look at it. The most interesting part is the settings where you can calibrate a bunch of stuff. To be honest the Bluetooth feature is not going change the way you ride your eBike and I am glad the controller works without the Bluetooth module connected because it does not appear to be waterproof.

The 60amp controller is what I was looking for : more torque! Again thanks Luna Cycle for bringing great products to the US market at the right price. Ride on! Fill in your email below to request a new password. An email will be sent to the address below containing a link to verify your email address. Share: facebook email printer. Current stock: 0. This controller is for advanced builders and comes with no documentation.Delivered before Dec. Message added by Andi. Now you are in the settings menu.

P1 is motor characteristic parameter setting mode. If wheel generated 1 pulse signal by a revolution, P2 should be set as1. If wheel generated 6 pulse signals by a revolution, P2 should be set as 6. The setting range of P2 should be between P4 Handlebar Startup Mode P4 is handlebar startup mode. Namely, it is the method to determine the battery capacity based on real-time battery voltage. P5 setting ranges from After finishing P parameter settings, the P5 parameter stops flashing.

C1 Quantum power assist sensors or similar products 00 5 magnet sensor 01 8 magnet sensor 02 10 magnet sensor 03 12 magnet sensor 04 Power assist sensors from other manufacturers 05 06 It is served as identification parameter of different phases of the motor when using sine wave drive and the default value is 0. When C2 setting is 0, indicating that the used Quantum motor phase is an ordinary one.

When the setting is a certain value, indicating a particular motor phase is used. C2 setting range is The setting range is gear. When C3 setting is 0, the meter is switched on, and the power assist ratio is at gear 0. When the setting is 1, the meter is powered on and the power assist ratio is at gear 1, and so on. C4 Handlebar Function Setting Mode. C6 Backlight Brightness Adjustment Mode.

C7 Cruise Function Setting Mode. C9 Startup Password Setting Mode. C11 Attribute Selection Mode. C13 Brake energy recovery - recuperation - only works with the corresponding controller. C14 Coordination of support levels C Parameters are following some time. Want a complete manual? Can you or anyone help me fix this Please.Login or Sign Up.

Which display is compatible with Ancheer 20" e-Bike. Posts Latest Activity. Page of 1. Filtered by:. Previous template Next.

Hello, I have the Ancheer China Bike. It have a Speed limiter on Controller. A white cable, if it's plugged, Speedlimit is activated. But the max. That's to slow. Thats illegal. But I don't know if this is compatible with the Ancheer e-Bike. The plug is the same. But on my Controller, the yellow cable from Display plug is cut off. Or a other solution? Sorry for my bad english. I tried my best. Attached Files. Tags: None. Hi Lexy, Sorry I can't say for sure if a replacement display would be possible or even work.

ebike controller settings

I'm skeptical that such a controller would be programmable. If you use a hand throttle with hall sensor for speed control.

An alternative could be to put a limit on your throttle output See Modification 2 in the link below. Comment Post Cancel. The hand throttle is unplugged because to use this it is forbidden in Germany. Maybe it is possible to change Display together with the controller? I find a Set at eBay. But I am not a technician. And some plugs and colors are not the same.

Where should the speed controller be connected? Your first picture in the reply above can't be accessed.

The link is good To find matching wire connectors and colors would be very rare. So make sure a good wiring diagram is given.Forums New posts Search forums. What's new New posts New profile posts Latest activity. Members Registered members Current visitors New profile posts Search profile posts. Log in Register. Search titles only. Search Advanced search…. New posts. Search forums. Log in. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding.

Thread starter Court Start date Jan 30, Court Administrator Staff member. This display is not removable, but it does swivel to reduce glare. It does have a USB port to charge portable electronic devices and the screen is color vs.

The remote button pad is extremely easy to reach and the trigger throttle is responsive and smooth. The plus and minus keys deliver tactile clicks and the main power button is rubberized so you can feel your way around without having to look down.

This display may be found on purpose built ebikes as well as conversion kits. This is where we ride our ebikes. Unless you want to pull into the shade or bring the ebike indoors, you won't be able to see your critical information like: speed, odo, battery level, watts etc Those all work great at night We don't ride at night.

I wish Bafang would give us a black and white model with watts, speed, PAS Level, etc that is visible for day use. Feliz Well-Known Member. Feliz said:. The specs i see online show a different pin connector. There is no information if it has a wattage consumption meter or a voltage meter. Do you know what type of display this is, that can be seen in bright sunlight.? Not very much English information on the specifications.

I really need the Wattage consumption reading to monitor my solar e-trike system. How to do it? Thomas Jaszewski Well-Known Member. Court said:. It does have a USB port to charge portable electronic devices. You must log in or register to reply here. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website.

Bafang DPC-18 Ebike Display Settings

Accept Learn More….Firstly the expensive route, by replacing your motor, controller, or battery. Or a combination of the three. The first choice in our how to make your ebike go faster guide is to replace your motor, battery or controller. Keep in mind that pumping more juice through your components will also mean more wear on your entire drive system.

Please contact your nearest Hogwarts to see if magic is involved!

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Peak wattage is the maximum that the motor will be able to handle for short periods of time. Nominal wattage is the average wattage that the motor can handle without any bad things happening e.

60 amp 36-72v Ebike Bluetooth Programmable Controller

Melting, exploding, all that good stuff! Some manufacturers will incorrectly list their motors using their peak wattage. You will need to find the nominal wattage for your ebike motor to ensure it can handle an upgraded amount of power. Searching the web for your ebike motor should provide you with technical specifications from the manufacturer. Mid-drives however allow you to pump more through them, and since you can change gears you can allow the motor to spin differently.

Pumping more amps through your motor will generate more heat. Drilling holes in a hub motor is a good way to get more cooling. But this can also allow dust, grime and water inside the motor.

Batteries are the quickest and easiest way to increase speed with minimal effort. Volts are the important variable that you must get right — otherwise you can blow up your controller. Amps are fine — your controller will only draw the amps that it needs so you can have a battery with lots of amps and it will be fine. Increasing the amps will generally give you more capacity and volts also do this, but to a lesser extent.

The important part about amps is ensuring that your battery has a maximum amp draw that is higher than what the controller will draw at peak.

EBike KT-LCD8H User Manual

So grab yourself a battery with more volts if your controller can handle it with more amps for rangeand enough maximum amp draw. Turns out your motor is capable of handling a lot more. The controller is the piece of electronics that takes the power from the battery and allows it to go to the motor for speed! Everything connects to the controller.